Australia’s TOP TESTO BOOSTER 2023 [boost your testosterone naturally]

In this article I’ll try to find out which is the best testosterone booster you can buy in Australia.

I will also review the ingredients that make that testo booster so great, find clinical studies that confirm the effects of those ingredients on testosterone and will try to answer some of the most asked questions about those boosters.

But real quick – What is a testo booster actually?

Simply said, it’s a mix of natural ingredients that try to boost your testosterone levels. Why is that important? Because of age and other medical issues men’s testosterone levels start to get lower and lower as we age.

Some signs are a decrease in muscle mass, despite eating and exercising well.

The next thing is accumulation of unwanted belly fat, gynecomastia and lipomastia (where we get man boobs). Mood swings and changes are also a bad side effects of low testo, so is a decreased sex drive and lower quality of erections.

How exactly does a Testosterone booster work?

You’ve probably already know that a testo-booster increases the available testosterone in a men’s body. But how exactly does this happen? I did some research on this topic and found out that the ingredient you find in a pill each help increase testosterone levels.

But it’s crucial that the right ingredients and the right amount is found in such a booster.

Some of those ingredients should be D-Aspartic Acid, Ashwagandha Extract, Vitamins D3 and B6 and even Garlic Extract.

There are several scientific studies that were done and can prove the effectiveness of those ingredients.

My top pick: TestoPrime – WHY?

I’ve came across TestoPrime last year when trying to find something that would boost my testo levels naturally, increase my stamina, get rid of some stubborn fat I’ve accumulated and boost my sex drive. I really got lazy last year – with the “illness” and all. Wanted to get me back in shape and do it quick.

My experience with testosterone boosters the last years was “so-so”. Some of them did give me a the desired results, most of them did nothing. I’ve also did a full review of TestoPrime, which you can see here.

I know now, trough year long research and personal experience what to look for in a Testosterone Booster. It’s the right combination of ingredients, the right amount (dosage) and the right ingredients most importantly.

It also doesn’t hurt if these supplements are made in USA, UK or the European Union, what guarantees the quality.

Regarding the ingredients – i found out trough reading many scientific studies that D-Aspartic Acid, Panax Ginseng, Ashwagndha extract and Fenugreek give the best natural boost you can get.

So naturally I always look for these in a booster. It also doesn’t hurt to have Vitamin D3, Zinc and Vitamin B6 in the formulation.

Anyhow, I was happy to find all of these ingredients in TestoPrime – with pretty decent dosages of D-Aspartic Acid (2000mg) and Panax Ginseng (8000mg). All other vital ingredients are also in there.

What makes TestoPrime even more legit is that it’s 100% natural, with clinically proven ingredients and with no additives, fillers or artificial ingredients inside. It’s Non-GMO, soy free and vegan friendly.

You may wonder how long till you see results – based on my personal experience it takes anywhere from 2 to 6 months to see the best results (increased muscle mass, decreased fat, better mood, more energy, higher libido and feeling better).

There are now already other guys documenting their progress and posting before/after photos all over internet. This stuff seems to work.

One more thing regarding the price – it’s about 90$ AUD if you buy a single bottle. It’s more expensive than some other boosters out there, but those 30 – 50$ AUD booster usually don’t work and you throw your money away.

And with TestoPrime there are massive multi-buy savings, so you can reduce the price per bottle to just 45$ AUD if you buy the 6 months package.

And here’s the kicker – you get a LIFETIME money back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied. That’s unheard of with any Testo booster.

All in all, for me TestoPrime is clearly the best testo-booster you can buy in Australia today and it gets two thumbs up from me.

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Runner UP: Testogen

Oh yes, Testogen. My favourite testosterone booster in the last 5 years or so. I had great experience with it.

First I used it for more muscle mass and to fight my low energy. And it helped, really helped. I’ve also experienced weight loss in for of fat loss, got some huge libido gains and my overall recovery after hard workouts was way faster.

As I said, Testogen is really long on the market, with a huge following, lots of reviews (with before/after pics), positive experience with hundreds if not thousands Australians and people from all over the world. There are reviews on Facebook, Tik-Tok, Instagram, Twitter and may BB Forums.

But please notice – you need to use Testogen for at least 2 months (in my experience) to see some results. Best results come after month 4 – biggest muscle gains and boosts of energy, libido and stamina. Again, only my experience.

Regarding the ingredients, Testogen has the most wanted ingredients you can get for boosting testo levels, although just a bit under-dosed comparing to Testo Prime, but still – almost perfect. It has high dosages of d-aspartic acid, fenugreek, zinc, Vitamin d3, boron, magnesium and some other.

It’s also manufactured in FDA approved labs, has no side effects which is a huge plus. You can get sides from using TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) or injecting Testosterone yourself – which I do NOT recommend.

The price for one bottle is about 80$ AUD, but you get big savings when ordering the multi-package options. You can bring the price per bottle to just 45$ AUD. It also comes with a 100 day money back guarantee.

And if you’re looking for testimonials Testogen is the king here. Since it’s available for more than 5 years, it has been sold to more than 100.000 people, with hundreds of satisfied customers and lots of photos with their results.

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