Understanding The Miracle Which Is RAD140 (Testolone)

RAD140 (Testolone) is categorized as a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARMs) which are therapeutic compounds that possess anabolic properties but with reduced androgenic properties.

Testolone offers many benefits to the human body, with top benefit being its ability to increase strength and muscle mass.

Most SARMs are advertised as bodybuilding supplements, but in reality, they are experimental substances involved in developing various androgen-related treatments. Though currently under development, Testolone offers hope of being able to treat breast cancer and muscle wasting diseases.


The Legality of RAD140

The research on the effectiveness and how the SARMs function is very limited at present; hence there is no standardized dosage for prescription purposes.

Despite all that, the purchase of RAD140 is legal worldwide, except for Australia.

There have been multiple case studies that have linked RAD140 to liver failure, while other SARMs are believed to have negatively impacted the vision of some of its users.

The US Food and administration agency and the therapeutic goods administration in Australia have both issued warnings concerning the usage of SARMs.

Due to RAD140 not being approved yet in the US, it is sold under research chemicals and not for human consumption labels. The companies producing rad140 hope that once the clinical trials are completed, the FDA will approve the usage of rad140.


Testolone Rad 140 in Australia – legal or not?

As it stands, you cannot purchase Testolone without a valid doctor’s prescription.

Due to the relaxation in enforcing this law, many Australians can purchase RAD140 without a doctor’s prescription and won’t get into any trouble.


Testolone in Sports – where is it used?

RAD140 aims at increasing muscle mass and strength, thus giving an unfair advantage to athletes using it.

Due to the unfair advantage, RAD140 is listed as a banned substance in all sporting events that follow the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules and regulations.


How does Testolone work and its effects on the body

Testolone functions just as the normal SARMs, though with a slight difference since RAD140 results from selective function. It selectively targets a specific tissue in the human body, causing fewer side effects, unlike the other SARMs, which are not selective, causing more side effects.

RAD140 was created to specifically and selectively target the androgen receptors in the skeleton and muscle tissues of the body.

The use of RAD140 increases your body’s process of breaking down proteins since it mimics your body’s testosterone functionalities.

Hence you might experience an increase in your lean muscle mass growth capacity and your overall energy and strength levels.


The Reaction of RAD140 on Muscle Tissues

By using Testolone, your body is provided with a massive energy boost and increased muscle strength, resulting in faster muscle growth in a short period and with little effort required.

The RAD140 offers protection from muscle loss and damage during any workout or any strenuous physical activities and when you are under a strict nutritional regiment to eliminate excess body fat.


The Reaction of RAD140 on Bone Tissues

RAD140 was created to strengthen your bones and fight osteoporosis, so when used on a normal healthy person, RAD140 strengthens your bones, resulting in fewer injuries or bone-related issues, especially in athletes participating in very demanding sports.


The Benefits of Using Testolone

If taken in a controlled manner along with a proper exercise regiment, RAD140 can be very beneficial to your overall well-being. Here are some of the benefits of using RAD140.


Vascularity And Ribbing

Most people tend to dream of having a hard rock body with visible blood vessels and hard-lined muscles, but they do not know that to achieve this kind of body, they must eliminate almost every ounce of fat in their bodies.

RAD140 can help you achieve this since it targets the fat present in your body, thus enhancing your blood flow, leading to your much-desired vascularity and the development of hard muscle mass.


Muscle Reconstruction and Strengthening

Since testolone is a chemical compound with a primary function of muscle-strengthening and restoration as a medicine, it can reconstruct damaged muscles.

One cycle of using RAD140 can result in immense muscle benefits while causing you to put on massive amounts of muscles.

Reports state that you can easily gain 8lbs of muscles upon the intake of RAD140, while after an 8-week cycle, beginners or intermediate lifters can easily gain 12lbs.

For better results, you will be required to observe your dietary needs and exercise regularly.


Fat Burning

It is common knowledge that more body fat is burnt when you have bigger muscles. Hence, the consistent use of RAD140 enables you to gain muscle mass and helps you get rid of the excess fats in your body.

Testolone can recompose the body since the chemical structure of RAD140 aids in the burning of fat in the body while increasing your metabolic rate and leaving you with a perfectly lined muscular body.

To ensure you achieve the desired results, you must be on a diet of maintenance calories.


Increased Endurance and Strength

The usage of RAD140 improves your body’s physical condition, thus increasing your body’s physical strength and endurance. The ability to improve your body’s physical condition is why RAD140 is popular amongst athletes in sports such as weight lifting, cross-fit, and bodybuilding.

RAD140 builds up your endurance such that you barely feel any fatigue after a workout, and you will also be able to lift heavier weights without any hit of exhaustion in your body.

After an 8-week cycle of Testolone, I was able to bench press at least 40lbs, deadlift 55lbs, and squat 50lbs.

Testolone is recommended for the breaking of strength plateaus though you need to keep exercising and working out if you want the results to be permanent.

The muscle and strength gains also depend on how hard you train and how you eat.

Other advantages of using rad140 include no steroidal effects and increased stamina.


Disadvantages Of Using RAD140

Like any drug that is still in its clinical trial phase, there have been some side effects resulting from the use of RAD140. These side effects are:


Reduced Levels of Testosterone

The purity of the RAD140 or any product containing it will determine the extent of suppressing testosterone production in your body. So, it is very important to ensure that the RAD140 product you are using is pure and of the best quality to avoid any complications.

It is important to consult a specialist before you start using RAD140 since some companies tend to spike their products with prohormones that can lead to other kinds of side effects like the loss of hair.

Testosterone suppression shouldn’t be a problem since you will naturally recover a few weeks after your RAD140 intake cycle.



In some instances, testolone has been linked with an increase in its user’s aggression level.

Other side effects that may arise from the use of testolone include headaches, stomach aches, and hair loss. These side effects may be a result of using debunk testolone.


RAD140 Half-Life

According to most researchers, RAD140 possesses a half-life of 24hrs. Hence, if you want to achieve the desired results, you must take the RAD140 dosage every 24 hours. By adhering to this schedule, you are assured of your desired results.


Rad140 Correct Dosage And Cycle Length

Since the half-life e of RAD140 is at most 24 hours, I would recommend you a dosage of between 5mg to 30mg per day for a cycle of 8 weeks.

There have been studies that have proven that the 5mg dose is 20%-10% less effective compared to the 30mg dose.

The effectiveness of even a small dosage of RAD140 goes to show that when you have the legit RAD140, you can take 20mg, and you won’t suffer any side effects but still reap the rewards.

If you want to avoid using a PCT, I strongly recommend that you don’t repeat the cycle for over 10 weeks. An 8-week 5mg cycle would serve your purpose right, and you won’t need a PCT.


Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) – is it necessary with Rad140?

Contrary to most beliefs, the use of RAD140 does not necessarily demand you to go through a PCT once you are done with your cycle.

Compared to other SARMs like S23, testosterone suppression would be lower if you use testolone. I highly recommend that you recover naturally instead of using a PCT, since PCT can result in huge side effects.

If you adhere to the recommended dosage and cycle length and ensure that the RAD140 you are using is of the highest quality, you won’t need to go through a PCT.


My Experience Using Testolone

After a cycle of RAD140, I have decided to include Cardarine into my cycle to increase my fat loss rate and enhance my training endurance. With Cardarine being non-hormonal, including it in my SARM cycle did not negatively impact me.

My regiment included a very low RAD140 dosage of 10 grams a day and 15mg a day of Cardarine. This dosage barely suppressed me; hence there was no need to go through PCT.


Rad140 For Sale – Where to buy the “real” stuff?

Having fake or spiked RAD140 can cause you lots of avoidable side effects if you take your time to ensure that you are purchasing the real and quality RAD140.

My Conclusion – is it worth taking Testolone?

If you want to gain strength, have lean muscles, and lose weight, RAD140 is the best SARM.

Adhering to the recommended dosage of between 5mg-30mg a day would ensure a quick recovery, and you won’t require a PCT.

It is important that when purchasing any SARMs or any other compound, you must ensure that it is legit and of the best quality if you want to achieve the desired goal and avoid the unwanted side effects associated with fake products.

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