What roids/growth hormones did the »Liver King« supposedly use?

If you haven’t heard of the Liver King yet, he’s a 40 something huge muscular guy with a huge social media following. He’s active on instagram, youtube and tik tok and is very popular in Australia.

He promotes eating raw meat (including liver) to achieve superior strength gains, massive “veiny” muscles and be a »real« man, whatever that my be.
There’s also lot of working out involved (heavy weights, ..) in his regime  – no denying that.

What’s bothering me is that he promotes natural supplements suggesting those and the raw meat are the reason behind looking muscular like him.

If you’ve ever researched steroid use or growth hormone use you would have to be pretty naive to believe that the Liver King is »natural«. These gains are just not achievable naturally.

So today I saw a youtube video from one of the popular youtubers claiming he saw a leaked email where the Liver King asks a coach to rate stack he’s using (a combo of roids, hgh, igf1, testosterone etc..). It’s not 100% sure that the email is his, but the writing is very similar to one of his previous emails.

Let’s dive into the roids/hgh he’s been using (supposedly):

IGF-1 LR 3 (a year)

Although it say on the email that he’s using IGF-1 LR, I think it’s the LR3 version. He’s been taking it for a year.

This is a highly anabolic hormone with functions like increasing insulin resistance of the muscles thus helping it to decrease the storage of fat in them. It also increases the protein synthesis in the muscles helping them grow bigger in a shorter amount of time.

It also stimulates the production of growth hormone HGH.

It’s usually used for medical purposes like a short stature or adult growth deficiency

CJC with Imap

This is probably CJC 1295, which is a growth hormone releasing compound. It also releases the IGF-1 levels in humans. The “king” took it for a year.

According to wikipedia, it increases plasma growth hormone levels by up to 10 fold for 6 days and up to 3 fold the IGF-1 levels for up to 11 days.

On Wikipedia it also says that the clinical trials were discontinued because of a death of a subject.


I guess the Liver King really loves hgh promoting compounds. The ibutamoren is a so called SARM (check my SARM Australian buying guide here).

He’s been using it for 2 months. Some call it MK 677. This stuff increases the GH (growth hormone) and IGF-1 by mimicking the hormone ghrelin and binding to one of the receptors of ghrelin (GHSR) in the brain.

The results are boost in muscle mass, better sleep, anti-aging benefits and denser bones.

Testosterone Cyp 0.6cc / week (cruise dose)

This is probably Testosterone Cypionate an easter of testosterone (a male sex hormone) and he’s been “cruising” with this stuff.

What that means is that he takes a big dose at the start of the “steroid cycle” and then after a few weeks he lowers the dose and keeps taking it.

The compound Testosterone Cypionate is used for a faster muscle recovery, faster muscle growth and strength gains and increased libido. It also comes with serious side effects like testicular shrinkage, impotence, heart diseases, increased ldl levels etc..

If you’re looking for a safer way to increase your testosterone levels, check out my top natural testosterone boosters here.

Decca 0.6cc per week (3 weeks)

He’s probably talking about Deca Durabolin or Nandrolone Decanoate, which is an injectible steroid used by bodybuilders in the off season (when they’re not competing).

It’s used primarily in medicine against muscle wasting, because it has anabolic properties. What that means it’s used for gaining muscle mass fast.

You must be aware of the serious side effects of Deca – high cholesterol (which can lead to heart problems), “deca dick” which means erectile dysfunction and low testosterone levels after you stop using it.

Winstrol 50mg / day (3 weeks)

Winstrol or Stanozolol is a steroid which is used by bodybuilders for decades (created in 1962 for angioedema and osteoporosis).

It’s used for burning unwanted fat while gaining mass. It’s also used for cutting (loosing stubborn fat for competition) – depends on the dosage. You also increase your endurance, stamina and strength.

It comes in oral and injectable form – the injectable version comes with less side effects, although they still show. The side effects can be acne and oily skin, liver problems, high cholesterol levels, infertility, hair loss and aggression.


That’s basically a brand name of a synthetic human growth hormone (HGH). He’s been using this for 6 weeks, although I don’t know why he’s adding more and more HGH boosters to his regime.

It’s usually used for kids or younger adults with growth deficiency.

But bodybuilders use it for muscle growth, fat loss and anti ageing. I must address also the side effects that come with using synthetic hgh, like muscle pain, joint pain, carpal tunnel syndrome or elevated blood glucose levels.

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