My COMPLETE Testo Prime 2023 Review – Can It Really Boost Your Testosterone?

In this review I included everything you need to know about TestoPrime before you place an order. It’s also geared towards Australian folks 🙂

All men experience the effects of age. This is partially because your testosterone level decreases. Your energy, libido and sex drive are no longer the same as they were in your twenties. That was also the case with myself. But everything changed once I found TestoPrime.

The natural supplement boosted my testosterone production, made me feel younger and improved my concentration.

TestoPrime – can this testo booster improve your testosterone levels? Let’s find out

Part of my article is scientific research, the rest is personal experience. I wasted a lot of money on ineffective testosterone boosters and was determined to figure out why TestoPrime is different. I found online studies to research the ingredients, only using impartial and trustworthy sources.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information or NCBI is a website operated by the government publishing results for scientific studies.

I found some other sources but I prefer NCBI. The company manufacturing TestoPrime offers a complete ingredient list. This made research easier. Some companies use a proprietary blend as an excuse not to reveal the amount of each ingredient.

Once I understood the ingredients, I knew why TestoPrime works so well. The proven ingredients are included in the right amounts.

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A few quick facts about TestoPrime Testo Booster

TestoPrime is manufactured in the United States.

This natural supplement includes a money-back guarantee and free worldwide shipping from the manufacturer. The guarantee is irrelevant because you only need a few weeks to know the product works.

The ingredients are 100 percent natural with no drugs or chemicals. The product includes a combination of minerals, herbs, vitamins and plant extracts in carefully measured amounts.


Top 7 Benefits of using TestoPrime

According to the manufacturer, you will see the following benefits.

• Increased muscle size and strength
• Increased stamina and energy

• Easier fat burning

Additional benefits:

• Less anxiety and stress
• Increased virility and sex drive
• Improved mood
• Better self-confidence and motivation

Here are the five official website claims:

• Decrease stress a maximum of 72.6 percent
• Increase endurance a maximum of 92.2 percent
• 12 percent faster conversion of fat into energy
• Burn a maximum of 16 percent body fat
• Increase muscle strength 138.7 percent


Is There Scientific Evidence TestoPrime is Effective?

Wolfson Berg/Brands is the manufacturer. Research from the Mayo Clinic confirms the product at the ingredient level.

Most ingredients have been subjected to clinical evaluations and trials. I’ve included the NCBI links after each ingredient so you can check the studies yourself.

If you are suffering from low testosterone, TestoPrime should work regardless of your age. If you participate in sports or bodybuilding, training is easier and muscle growth is enhanced.


How do I Use TestoPrime to get most benefits

You only need to use TestoPrime once daily.

The manufacturer recommends taking the product in the morning on an empty stomach.

I take mine 30 minutes before breakfast to allow time for ingredient absorption before food can get in the way.

  • The recommended daily dosage is four capsules. The pills are not large so I take them together. I like using a glass or orange juice for vitamin C but you can use water.

Each bottle has 120 capsules for a one-month supply.


Ingredients – what’s inside the bottle?

TestoPrime contains 12 ingredients.

• (8,000 mg) Panax Ginseng
• (4,000 mg) Green Tea Extract
• (2,000 mg) D-Aspartic Acid
• (1,200 mg) Garlic Extract
• (800 mg) Fenugreek
• (668 mg) KSM 66
• (360 mg) Pomegranate Extract
• (40 mg) Vitamin D
• (8 mg) Vitamin B5
• (5.6 mg) Vitamin B6
• Black Pepper Extract
• Zinc

The manufacturer did not scrimp on any of the ingredients. This is the reason you need to take four pills every day and the product works so well.


How the Ingredients Work

You may recognize some of the ingredients. I was surprised to learn how they influenced testosterone production.

D-Aspartic Acid:

This amino acid is found in many testosterone boosting supplements but in an insufficient amount. Your anterior pituitary gland is stimulated by D-aspartic acid. The result is the release of luteinizing hormone. Your blood then transports the hormone to your testicles where it stimulates your cells and triggers testosterone production.

Numerous studies support this amino acid as a testosterone booster. The data shows the increase of luteinizing hormone boosts testosterone production in both rats and humans. [1]

Panax Ginseng:

Ginseng has been used by the Chinese as a libido booster and aphrodisiac for centuries. You may have heard of red ginseng, Asian ginseng or Korean ginseng. Panax ginseng does a lot more than boost your libido. It is an important medicinal herb in China.

Chinese herbalists treat numerous health issues with ginseng including mental issues and physical ailments such as stress, depression and anxiety.

Research on humans and animals proves testosterone can be boosted with ginseng [2]. The same research shows Panax ginseng can also improve sperm motility and quality, enhance libido and relieve ED or erectile dysfunction.


Trigonella foenum-graecum or fenugreek is an herb often used for curries. You may not realize it benefits your body. Fenugreek has been used as a healing herb for a long time. This herb can help decrease cholesterol and reduce inflammation. There is also a link between testosterone and fenugreek.

Several studies [3] support using this herb to boost testosterone. A dosage of 600 mg was used for one study. The branded fenugreek extract increased serum testosterone and improved sexual function in healthy older and middle-aged men.

KSM 66:

KSM 66 is an ashwagandha with patent protection. This extract is good for controlling both stress and anxiety. This is possible because ashwagandha decreases your cortisol hormone levels.

Several studies [4]have established medicinal uses as well including testosterone. At the end of one study, the men receiving five grams per day for three months showed a testosterone increase between 10 and 22 percent with improvements in fertility.

Pomegranate Extract:

Certain research [5]suggests pomegranate improves libido and increases testosterone but additional study is required. Even if more studies do not support pomegranate to increase testosterone, this ingredient is valuable for improving male sexual performance.

Ellagic acid is a pomegranate compound appearing to improve circulation in addition to increasing the blood flow to the penis. This means pomegranate is good for fighting ED and heart-friendly.

Vitamin D:

A lot of men have a vitamin D deficiency.

This nutrient is important for good health and boosting immune function. According to research [6], an inadequate supply can lead to low testosterone. The connection between low testosterone and vitamin D is the reason it is included in TestoPrime. The value is even greater if you do not get enough vitamin D.


Zinc is a mineral found in many foods including nuts, eggs, grass-fed beef and lentils. Oysters are especially rich in zinc.

This might be why oysters are often considered an aphrodisiac. Research [7] has shown zinc boosts testosterone but the reason why is not clear. One theory is the interaction between zinc and testicular cells.

Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 will not boost testosterone but will help your tissues absorb it. Your testosterone can then go to work. B6 helps your body get energy from the food you eat to increase your levels. You will find this vitamin in all types of supplements and energy drinks. [8]

Vitamin B5:

Vitamin B5 also increases your energy in addition to helping with a healthy testicle function.

Garlic Extract:

Although most testosterone boosters do not include garlic, it may be valuable for testosterone enhancement. Garlic can also improve your libido. Garlic contains allicin which improves circulation and might help with ED by providing more blood to the penis.

Green Tea Extract:

Green tea is more common for supplements to burn fat and might appear strange in TestoPrime. According to the study [9] you can loose up to additional 7 pounds (or 3,5kg) in 12 weeks compared to placebo. One of the compounds to burn fat is EGCG. This can help maintain higher levels of testosterone by stopping the conversion of the hormone into DHT. DHT and testosterone are both sex hormones. If your testosterone decreases to raise DHT, it can result in male pattern baldness, issues with the prostate gland and heart disease.

Black Pepper Extract:

Although black pepper will not increase your testosterone, it helps increase the potency of the other ingredients. A lot of supplements include black pepper due to the piperine compound. This helps with ingredient and nutrient absorption and puts everything to work.


Customer Comments and Reviews I found on the net

I once believed all testosterone boosters were identical. I was wrong.

Some work better than others. From my experience, TestoPrime is the best one of all. My wife and I agree this product has changed our lives. I have also included some user reviews below.

Detroit USA:

I did not realize my low T levels were behind my overall sluggishness and lack of energy. I wish I knew about TestoPrime several years ago.

Dublin Ireland:

If you are a man and want to feel the way you used to a long time ago, order TestoPrime. This product gave my life back to me. Now I work out in my gym without feeling terrible later and stopped falling asleep while I am watching TV.

London UK:

Daily Mail UK-In the Media

In February of 2021, TestoPrime was the testosterone booster the Daily Mail chose to feature. Matthew Clark was featured due to his negative and positive experiences with using t-booster supplements.

Here are some more TestoPrime testimonials I found in 2023 (TikTok and Instagram)


Side Effects – are there any?

Side effects are unlikely since TestoPrime is a natural product.

Other than my normal horny feeling, I did not experience any issues.

None of the user reviews I read mentioned anything about side effects. If you have any concerns regarding TestoPrime, you can simply ask your doctor for advice.


Where’s the best place get your bottle of TestoPrime

The only place you can purchase TestoPrime is from the official website. You will not find the product online at eBay or Amazon or at stores including GNC, CVS and Walmart or Australia’s own Chemist Warehouse. The site accepts multiple currencies so you will not have a problem whether you are from the United States, UK, Australia or Canada.

Most countries receive free shipping and delivery. Your purchase is risk-free because there is a 100 percent money-back guarantee.

If you’re based in Australia (like most of the visitors might be), the prices are below:

• One month supply: $89.99 AUD
• Two month supply with one free bottle: $179.99 AUD
• Three month supply with three free bottles: $269,99 AUD


If you are placing an order from the United States, the pricing is outlined below.

• One month supply: $59.99
• Two month supply with one free bottle: $119.99
• Three month supply with three free bottles: $179.99

The two-month option provides you with a three-month supply. The three-month option will last for six months. If you are placing an order from Canada, the pricing is:

• One month supply: $79.99 CAD$
• Two month supply with one free bottle: $159.99 CAD$
• Three month supply with three free bottles: $239.99 CAD$

If you are located in Great Britain, Ireland or the UK, you will purchase from the webstore and receive delivery service. The pricing is:

• One month supply: £39.99 GBP
• Two month supply with one free bottle: £79.99 GBP
• Three month supply with three free bottles: £119.99 GBP

The Manufacturer

TestoPrime is manufactured in facilities approved by the FDA by Wolfson Brands.

Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited
12 Payne Street
G4 0LF
+44 207 305 5864


The quick “FAQ” about TestoPrime

Q: Who Should Use TestoPrime?

A: TestoPrime was created for men 18 years of age or older lacking testosterone. The product is also an excellent option for men participating in sports or bodybuilding interested in boosting natural testosterone as opposed to anabolic steroids.

Q: How Quickly does TestoPrime Work (kick-in time)?

A: Results can vary from one man to the next. The majority notice the benefits anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

Q: Does TestoPrime Offer Any Special Deals?

A: When you place a larger order online, you will receive more TestoPrime for the money. You can also download some special eBook guides to testosterone with information about nurturing your testosterone. This will help ensure you receive the best possible results.


My final words – should you get TestoPrime Testo Booster?

At this time, over 143,000 men have used TestoPrime to successfully boost their production of testosterone while enjoying all of the benefits. If you still have any doubts, it is normal.

This is especially true if you have had bad experiences during the past. The good news is you do not have to worry since you will receive a money-back guarantee from the manufacturer.

I have already said I based by review on my personal experience with the product and research.

My experience showed me just how well TestoPrime works. My research enabled me to understand why the product works. Yes, there is a possibility there are a few good testosterone boosters on the market I did not try. This being said, I have tried a lot of them and the only one that worked for me is TestoPrime.

I see no reason to try any more products because I am happy with TestoPrime. I highly recommend using this supplement if you need to boost your testosterone. My life changed for the better and I believe you will have the same results. TestoPrime is a high-quality product.

All of the ingredients are proven and you receive a money-back guarantee. There is nothing here not to love.

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